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"Who are you to tell me ‘no’? And for what, precisely, are you even chastising me?


"It wouldn’t be the strangest innuendo I’d ever heard, you know!"

"I am not so rude as some people to do that! Penises are not seals!”

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"Just asking for clarification! I thought maybe you were trying to innuendo or something!"

"By making a beloved seal a full-body phallic object??"

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beruthielthequeen replied to your photo “I heard you talkin’ ‘bout penises.”

((Is the seal a penis, or….?


I heard you talkin’ ‘bout penises.

I heard you talkin’ ‘bout penises.


The comment made her furrow her brows in perplexity. Was the merman old? He didn’t look so… but, again, she had never met merpeople before — she had thought those were legends, infact. “Are you really as old as you say? You still look— ” Firie cut herself when the other splashed water, annoyed at the fact that the salty wather on her clothes meant she would need to wash them, so that the fabric would not get ruined.

"Well, I am sure there are many names similar to mine which you might have heard," she replied to the statement similar to hers. "Anyway, as I was saying, you do not look old. But maybe it’s the water keeping you full and your skin nice…" at that she laughed, pleased and amused by her own words.

Ossë preened at the compliment to his fana, lifting his head and shaking it to send his hair rippling attractively. The best way to make a happy sea-master was to flatter him excessively. “When I am dry, I have been told I look more my age,” he agreed. His moments of dehydration were very few and very far between, but none had been flattering. A legend had once been started when a Child saw what appeared as an elderly man hobble to a decorative fountain, and a quick splash in the cool waters rejuvenated the stranger to a youthful and vigorous age. “It is why I am always in water. I do not like dehydrating.”

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Stones in the Water || Osse and Dorondir



Dor squinted at the eyes and made a face, sticking out his tongue in confusion.

"Truly?" he asked, more boggled at being told an entire bottle of ale could not get someone drunk, because quite obviously, it could get anyone drunk. “I’m honestly not sure that I can believe that. Wait, are you talking in my head??”

He folded his arms and glared at the ocean, completely and absolutely unconvinced.

Not sure that you can believe what a voice in your head tells you? Ossë repeated back, his thrumming words followed with a chatter and trilling laugh. It seemed this one had intoxicated itself before attempting to do the same to another. His eyes brightened in the sea, taking a more solid state despite the distortion effect of the surf.

How shall I convince you? Perhaps you have more drink to share?


Irenaeus Herok - A light study of haze covering Bondi Beach.


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Ossë splashes at the bear so bizarrely out of place on the sand as he slides up in the skin of a seal.

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✌: Kiss on the hand

When the merman reached out Firie stilled and looked at him, curious to see what he would do. He was always very polite, even if his personality was exuberant, and he either asked many questions about anything or stood in silence, playing with fishes which swam around him.

When his long, smooth fingers touched her skin, a light shiver ran through her, but the girl did not move; what he did next, however, did surprise her. Her eyes went round, then a soft chuckle escaped her mouth stretched into a smile. “Thank you… you are very gallant. But where did you learn of kisses?”

At his words, Firie made an annoyed face, giving him an unimpressed look. “You think you are funny, don’t you? Well, you are not.” Did he think his humor was funny, or his suggestions something easily accomplished. “You are incredibly rude.”

And what he said next was indeed weird. “I do not know how you live, but it is neither practical nor fair to judge other people’s behaviour based on your own ideas of what is proper and what is not. And observing others while you hide is not polite at all. You speak of privacy, yet you implied you disregard it; either you acknowledge its existence or you do not. What is the case?”

Ossë arched a brow and snapped his fangs at the woman to remind her of her place. “Rude, am I? You are lucky that I find you entertaining, or I would rudely dispose of you for such insult,” he rumbled, tossing his head to send his hair flowing around his face. 

"I have not once judged or remarked upon propriety nor practicality, and my only mention of privacy is to mock that I often hear intimacy described as a ‘private’ act only to see the action belie that insistence," he huffed, tilting his head up to further lower him in his field of sight. "I only acknowledge that you younglings believe in privacy, though you do little to protect it. With my people, there is very little that is truly private, and if you want something to remain so guarded then you actively protect it."