that time mel didn’t check if his pets would get along

(there is absolutely no timeline accuracy here I’m sorry I just needed to get bubble eye goldfish!osse out of my system)

Goldfish Osse! Ha!! I knew it, masteroftheseas XDD

"Well, yes, because that was the best form to take in order to then turn into a shark and burst out of your chest cavity.


'All creatures she loves that live in the salt streams, and all weeds that grow there; to her mariners cry, for she can lay calm upon the waves, restraining the wildness of Ossë.'
— Ossë (Tae Yang) and Uinen (Du Juan)


'All creatures she loves that live in the salt streams, and all weeds that grow there; to her mariners cry, for she can lay calm upon the waves, restraining the wildness of Ossë.'

— Ossë (Tae Yang) and Uinen (Du Juan)

I joined the make-your-character-as-a-doll-on-a-card fad. Sadly, Ossë could not have blue skin as he feels is best, but otherwise he approves of his queenly fana.

Ossë emits a tea kettle shriek as he spots the falsehoods at his doorstep.


"My dear Ossë, how familiar it all sounds!" Mairë cooed sympathetically, from a safe distance. She judged her cliff ledge high enough to escape her brother’s spume, unless he whipped up storms to prove his prowess. "Aulë was the same. He it was who drew fire from the earth in blazing fountains, unless they threatened anything beloved by Yavanna. Then the fault was mine, and what a willful Maia I was to cause such trouble!"

Echoing Ossë’s annoyance, she paced. “But we know the beauty of chaos, do we not? Your storms are as masterful as Manwë’s finest cloudscapes, and dazzling as the stars of Varda! I watch them from the mountains. They fill me with elation. Why deny the world such wonders when we could teach the Children to heed and respect them, and stay out of their way?”

Ossë tossed his head and bared his teeth. “Yet no matter where I turn, it seems someone else seeks credit for my doings,” he cried. His arms made no wild gestures, but he kicked his feet in the surf to splash water up into the air and nearly stumbled. Snarling at his own ineptitude, he turned and threw himself into the deeper waters so his legs could be replaced with a more manageable tail that waved and slapped against the surface of the sea.

"If I do good, then Ulluboz or Mānawenūz take credit and look all the more noble for my tamed tricks. If I act willfully and do as I please, they still do not credit me for acting on my own, but instead blame Melkor for corrupting and influencing me!” There was a sharp crack as he slammed his mighty fin flat against the water. “Respect of the Children is fine, but I would prefer the respect of my brethren.”

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I am super pumped up to attempt bingo cards and mostly put them off to watch netflix and whine about not being productive who’s with me

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I saw this beautiful creature this afternoon ♥


I saw this beautiful creature this afternoon ♥

masteroftheseas sent: The mun would be a scale of 10 terrified if Smaug snapped. The muse? He gives you a 0.001. (osse shut up stop taunting people)


Smaug: *growls*

Culda: “I see your ego has not deflated after all these years.”

"And I see your claws have not sharpened, either."



"I shall be mindful of that," Olórin promised. "I will begin immediately. Thank you for your assistance! Do be thorough, if you please!"

Many hours later, after the seas had calmed to a normal day’s rough waters, Ossë had filled several sheets of parchment with the various names of his mutated pets. All those birds that were once of air and land, but had been coaxed and coated and turned to the sea. There were birds that could fly and birds that could swim, and birds that could do both. Some birds were gentle and playful and sweet, and some were vicious predators. Their names filled the pages with very careful handwriting, and Ossë admired his work (both on page and in the world).

Standing, he carefully rolled the pages and stuck them into a bottle to protect them from his own watery flesh. Briefly he noticed writing on the other side, but only paid those words a brief glance before not caring. He needed to deliver these to his brother so that his tales could be appropriately shared!

"Brother," he crowed as he returned to his coasts. "I have your list!"